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It's so cold in Alaska...

nyan nyan
1 March
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aiko, angelic layer, anime, anime conventions, aragorn, asian girls, asian guys, ayumi hamasaki, baaf, ball pythons, battle royale, being a mallrat, bento boxes, biting, black and white, blood, bonnie pink, bracelets, brandon lee, bruce lee, candles, chibis, chinese food, chobits, chopsticks, clamp, comic party, cosplay, cosplayers, cosplaying, crossdressers, dance dance revolution, die, dir en grey, drinking blood, dungeons and dragons, duo, dvds, egl clothing, egl fashion, elegant gothic lolita, evangelion, faeries, fanfics, fangs, final fantasy, frodo, fruits basket, full metal panic, gackt, gothic, gothic lolita, gothic lolita clothing, gothic lolita fashion, gravitation, gundam wing, harry potter, hello kitty, hide, hitomi, horror movies, horror novels, hyde, ichi the killer, inuyasha, japan, japanese, japanese culture, jpop, jrock, kaoru, kare kano, ken, kevin smith, kill bill, kingdom hearts, kittens, klaha, korea, koushun takami, kozi, kpop, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, legolas, lord of the rings, lotr, love hina, luna sea, malice mizer, mana, manga, matrix, miyavi, moi dix mois, movies, music, music videos, mythology, orlando bloom, pagan, peppermint tea, photography, pierrot, pink spider, plastic tree, pocky, poetry, post modern japanese fiction, quatre, reading, revolutionary girl utena, rp-ing, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, ryuichi, ryutaro, ryutarou, sailormoon, samurai, samurai x, scratching, shinya, shopping, skittles, stephen king, sushi, tadashi, takashi, the craft, the crow, the dark tower, the occult, tigers, tokyopop, toshiya, trowa, utada hikaru, vampires, video games, vintage clothing, wicca, wiccan, writing, x, x japan, yaoi, yellow generation, yuri, yu~ki


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